Berlin, February 2015


a one-night only exhibition, guided tour and dance-dinner performance
Entretempo Kitchen Gallery

Photo: Mari Sierra
Photo: Mari Sierra

The earliest recorded use of the word ‘serendipity’ dates back to 18th century, when art historian Horace Walpole mentioned it in a letter, and was said to be derived from a Persian fairy tale ‘The Three Princes of Serendip’ who in the story “were always making discoveries, by accidents…of things they were not in quest of”. As in 1492, when a sailor named Cristobal Colon whose mission was to go to Japan through a route westward but instead wound up ‘lost’ in some islands he had no idea existed before and subsequently called it the ‘New World’. Almost 500 years later, one morning in 1989, a young boy in a small island in the Pacific woke up to find out that they had nothing left to eat and had to borrow three cups of rice from his neighbors. Later on he would fondly remember this event as an awakening to a whole ‘new world’. What connections lie among these narratives? Spice routes is as much an ongoing ethnography of unfinished journeys as it is an autobiography of those delicate states of grace so named serendipities. Through a choreography of ritual, storytelling, and cooking, Pepe dances along the fluid lines between the mundane and the spectacular to recook the past and relocate it in the realm of movement.

Accompanying this experience is a five-course menu composed of both recipes learned by Pepe through practice and also recent ‘accidental discoveries’ out of improvising with what is left.

-new world

Pepe Dayaw@Entretempo Kitchen Gallery from Paul&Daniela on Vimeo.

Joseph Michael Patricio (Pepe Dayaw)

Special performing guest:
Ernesto Estrella Cozar
Voilà Viola

Curated by:
Kathrin Kuna

Anelor Robin

Special thanks to:
Taina Guedes

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