Agora Collective: Foreplay #04

Berlin, October 2014

Agora Collective: Foreplay #04 Daniel AlmgrenRecén with Pepe Dayaw

Foreplay Daniel 07

The primary intention of the performance series, Foreplay , is to create proximity between the audience and the work of the performer/choreographer through an encounter of the public with the artist’s universe, in the format of a dinner that happens prior to the performance. This dinner is a carefully prepared situation designed collaboratively by the artist and one of Agora Food‘s chefs (Agora’s new food platform, that supports 7 different chefs). This food experience is the opportunity for the artist to approach his/her work in a new format, re-articulating it into the language of taste, texture and dynamics.

This Program was conceptualized by Agora Collective, but is a continuous collaboration between the collective, the chefs, the artists and the public.

“Walking home” / A set of dishes that brings Pepe back to an edible sense of home, an experience that he can share with everybody, in effect creating a room for a possible ‘us’ to take place.

“Cooking our connections” / A half cooked second you and the others decide on its final taste, beginning with Daniels’ s and Pepe’s chosen sets of ingredients, and mixed with your own spicy memories.

“A sweet ode to death” / Autumn… a time to remember what is not there anymore. An homage to the human capacity to create and weave memories… of home and beyond.

Photos: Agora Collective

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