Spice Routes @ B_Tour Festival / BITEF Belgrade

Belgrade, September 2014


Btour 00

“Se acerca el momento de elegir: el miedo o el hambre”
(The moment to choose has come: fear or hunger)
– Maria Folguera, El amor y el trabajo, 2012, p.52

Hunger is a physical state that has the capacity to put our attention to our body and focus on the weight of an immediately present situation: the desire to eat. This desire creates a hyperlocal sphere of time and space that is limited to satisfying it. When used creatively, this state brings about a set rituals of searching for and/or making food that can bring people together. Once hunger is satisfied and / or have been celebrated, it is possible to create other rituals and other states. Our living narratives begin from how we satisfy our basic living necessity.

Spicy Histories remembers the ritualistic, ceremonious and social conditions of a basic human act that has since belonged to the everyday, the mundane and the sedentary. By transposing it as an event where one travels from one place to another, the artist invites the people to participate in a woven set of edible narratives that, in an attempt to tell a story of a city, tries to cook together an ephemeral community.

Photos: B_Tour Festival

Cooking as ritual / Interview with Pepe by City Magazine Belgrade
Download full magazine in pdf
B_Tour webpage

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