Nowhere Islands (food and community making platform)

About Nowhere Island
The Island is Nowhere Kitchen’s itinerant practice of installing live kitchen environments as a means of not only occupying an already existing context, but also collaborating to catalyze them. A state of ritualistic improvisation takes place where elements found in-situ are used to cook a given situation. The rituals that surround the cooking and eating meal create an ephemeral state of community that is specific only to the moment. It belongs to no other time but now. Dishes belong to no other places but here. It is an ‘island’ that generate a tribe in-situ and situates local desires to collaborate to weave other possible futures.

#01. Agora: Affect International Residency Launch
Agora Collective – Neukolln, Berlin. March 15, 2014
with Ayumi Masa Saito

#02. Transnationality and Translinguality // Brunch
Month of Performance Art – Berlin
Ding Dong Dom, Das Theater der Zukunft. May 03, 2014
with Ayumi Saito, Marie Capesius and Alex Shure

#03. Berlin Diagonale // Theatertreffen 2014
Independent Performing Arts Made in Berlin
Ding Dong Dom, Das Theater der Zukunft, Holzmarkt 25. May 06, 2014
with Ayumi Saito, Marie Capesius and Alex Shure

#04. Inhabiting Dispersion // Archive of Affects
Espacio B (in partnership with the Museum of Reina Sofia)
Lavapies, Madrid. May 16, 2014

#05. We-Traders Berlin Exhibition – Opening
Kunstraum Bethanien – Kreuzberg. July 6, 2014
performance with Marie Capesius

#06. Food Assembly London Launch Event
90 Mainyard Bar and Restaurant. July 15, 2014
with Roberta Siao

#05. We-Traders Berlin Exhibition – Opening

Organic vegetables in season from a local Berlin farm, rice noodles, tempeh wrapped in fresh summer rice paper topped with rhubarb peanut sauce. Eaten by hand.

Photos: Javier Duero
Mobile kitchen provided by Gartenstudio

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