Agora: Foreplay #01

Foreplay Series / edible performances
collaboration with matanicola and the Progressive Wave
Agora Collective, Berlin. June 27, 2014

A meal is at once a pretext, a process and an end. It is a foreplay waiting to be performed. Food emerges into something else as it penetrates ones body and nourishes the physical. It satisfies an immediate desire that is connected to other desires. As the materiality of food make the body live, the spirit of how it is prepared, presented, served and shared revitalizes the need to make a living in relation to what is around. When one eats with one’s hands, the experience of food becomes more haptic, and distinctions among senses blur. The rituals around food is in itself a dance!

IMG_2958 (1) IMG_3023 IMG_3081 IMG_3092 IMG_3118

About Foreplay:
Foreplay is Agora’s performance serie whose primary intention is to create proximity between the audience and the work of the performer/choreographer prior to the performance itself. From June 2014, Foreplay performances will be preceded by a carefully prepared dinner situation designed collaboratively by the artist and one of Agora Food’s chefs (Agora’s food platform that supports 7 different chefs). This food experience is the opportunity for the artist to approach his/her work in a new format, re-articulating it into the language of taste, texture and dynamics.

Agora webpage

About the cooking:
In his ‘play-by-ear’ kitchen, Manila-born Pepe taps into local ingredients in season and marries them with traditionally Southeast Asian herbs and eating habits to create a meal that is at once ordinary and uncanny. It’s an improvisation stimulated by both faraway nostalgia and of nearby impulses. The future comes in the form of an eating ritual that brings back the experience of food as a transensorial and holistic dance. As the eating goes, the stereotypic, exotic, local and other whatnots become past pretexts.

Photos: Pedro Jardim

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