Picnic Sessions. Mostoles, Madrid

part of FOOD LEFT project

Picnic Sessions V
Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, Madrid
June 2013

In June 2013, The Center for Contemporary Art 2nd of May in Madrid invited Pepe to do a performance as part of their summer long festival Picnic Sessions. For this work, he built an instant kitchen and asked the public to bring their leftovers to the museum to be cooked by him and his team. During this evening, he cooked food for 200 people within 2 hours and served it to them as if a giant picnic. With his philosophy of working with what is already there, he used the museum’s 40 plates and no spoons nor forks, and asked the public to share plates with one another and to eat with their hands. The night ended with a ‘digestive’ that consisted of a collective session of karaoke singing.

As the food was being served, Pepe delivered a live manifesto relating the event to the story of the miracle of Jesus feeding the multitude in the desert, questioning the idea of the miracle as a spectacle, the same time that the economic crisis is also viewed as a spectacle, where many people seem to be waiting for a miracle to end it. Pepe placed the leftover food in the performance stage, and people had to go there in order to eat, in effect ‘staging’ and ‘plating’ the spectacle of the crisis that the people themselves created, a miracle of their own doing.


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