big and bite size

photo: Elena Dahl

street durational performances
Month of Performance Art – Berlin
May 2013

in collaboration with Diego Zavala, Rafael Machado, Elena Dahl and Antje Rieck

A series of three durational street interventions that happened in relation to three different monuments of Berlin. The inspiration began with a very personal question that I asked myself: does size really matter? or should I ask a different question instead? Each Saturday afternoon, I installed myself outside a different monument and offer free street ‘food’ to the public, each time with the collaboration of a few artist friends. In each site,I thematized a different discourse about dimension and affected my interaction with the monuments and their publics.

“Measurement is thus displacement. One not only displaces oneself, in order to take the measure, but one also displaces the territory in its representation, in its geometric or cartographic reproduction.” — Paul Virilio

1 thought on “big and bite size”

  1. Does Size really matter?

    There is a hidden question preceding the above one .. “In which context”

    If looked in a physical dimension then we are looking into a world of Utility, context, usage and purpose.

    But if we look it from the lens of Humanity then there are few dimensions, which were not introduced earlier on.

    We know that small gestures of ours are very powerful as they go a long way in someone’s memory. A gentle smile can warm a heart for years and an action taken in anger can also travel ages. They actions are different but still are powerful.

    It also happens that we forget the power of actions. The warmth in the love can be taken as granted just like someone’s anger can be forgotten & forgiven quickly.

    So what is that place where Size really-really matters? They matter in our head, I guess…

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