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photos: Christoph Neumann

performance / ritual
concept and collaboration by Joseph Patricio and Bram Braam
‘I don’t see this happening again’ collective performance event
Month of performance art – Berlin
May 2013

Ritual as a pure experience of the here and the now.

I invent a ritual which I set out to do as an internal meditative process. I use ‘ritual’ elements: candles, herbs, tea, and language that I thought nobody in the room would understand. I start from one place, orient myself in relation to everybody else, making the call from all directions. The people realize that I was doing a ritual, and they pay attention, and follow. I continue this ritual with a walk, a very slow solemn rhythmic walk. I mumble indistinguishable language, and repeat them as if a mantra. I repeat them again and again and again, until I lose my breath and my voice. By this time, everybody is silent and inside the ritual. I serve them tea, and signal for them to go inside a dark room. Bram receives them at the door, counting each body that entered the room. After the last person entered, he closes the door, he remains outside the room. He counts 10 minutes, waits. After 10 minutes, he opens the door and lets the people out. He thanks them for their time.





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