second hand | segunda mano


Nave 16 El Ranchito, Matadero Contemporary Art Space, Madrid
June 28-July 01, 2012

An installation that reflects on the nature of second-hand experiences. Using the metaphor of gossiping, the artist invited the audience to inhabit a ‘used space’. There they encountered remnants of eaten food, tampered newspapers, and random conversations that could be heard on earphones. The public was given freedom to interpret these elements however they want the same way they catch and hold on to gossips, and leave their own traces behind.


a dining table with traces of food
stains of sauce drying on the plates and on the edges of the forks
wine glasses with lip marks
the lingering odor of grated cheese
shrinking bitten slices of watermelon
table napkins
empty chairs
newspaper as table cloth with some of the texts deleted in black
earphones that connect to random conversations

everyday for the duration of the installation, Pepe prepared food for lunch and ate it there with his friends. after lunch they abandoned the installation but the traces of food were left. the public was invited to inhabit this space as authors of a second hand experience
they were asked to gossip and / or recreate the fragments of narratives that they might encounter in the space and for them to leave their own trace in the table napkins to populate the perceived absence with their own presence. the table was at once a private space and a public platform, and for a few days, a loose collective memory was generated.

gallery >>>

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