performing a manifesto that inspired the artist one night while washing his dishes

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performance / video / interaction (approx. 45 mins.)

28 July 2012
El Taller, Matadero Contemporary Art Space, Madrid /
spaces in the performer’s house

“what if we stop being artists”, Paz Rojo

…we dont need more dressing room mirrors, we need a kitchen… Carlos Marquerie

Fairy is a performance about what is a performance, and what else it could be; about where is the performance space, and wherelse it could be; about when we perform, regardless if there is a beginning or an end to it. Through playing with the notions of time, and planes of reality, performance became the meeting point between my private life and the public realm. It is about what preoccupies me as an artist, which does not have to be far from my own preoccupations, and of others, in life. And that the agency of the artist begins by satisfying and celebrating the moment’s local hungers.

People enter the gallery space and finds themselves in a restaurant, with makeshift tables, chairs, carpet and candles. As they enter, I show to them a video that my lover shot of me earlier that day, trying to waking up and get out of bed (with much difficulty), and heading into the kitchen and cooking food for the evening. It resembled a little cooking show. While they watch, I approach the guests one by one, and whisper in their ear, asking them about how their day was, where they were before coming, what where they thinking, what were they expecting. After the video finished, I made a live manifesto, explaining the connection between the process of cooking and contemporary art, and about what preoccupies me as an ‘artist’ and as a human being, and hunger. Then later I serve the food as seen prepared in my cooking show, and while they partake of it, I ask them again of their own preoccupations, immediate or chronic, and I wrote all of them in my body, as it was projected into a big screen through a camera. The meal ends as I finish every last preoccupation of each other, reading them, sharing them, and being together.

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