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tool // riding through word history

Riding through word history

1. Take 8-10 words that you think are key words of your project. Choose words that are abstract and very general, buzz words that seem very broad in scope(e.g. intimacy, history, identity, proximity etc.)

2. Search for the etymology of the words, and trace its history as far as it can go in the past, and map out how the words found themselves in their present contexts. There are many etymology generating sites online such as in English and in Spanish.

3. From the description of the words’ etymologies, extract a phrase or word that surprised you the most, or the one’s that you think is most unconventionally related to the word.

4. Out of these new extracts, assign a concrete and tangible image or action that you think fits its meaning, without thinking anymore of the original words that we started from. If possible, take images and actions that you encounter in everyday life. If it helps you, make a picture of each image, by drawing, printing, or simply writing them on a piece of paper.

5. Then try to relate the newly generated images and actions together. Play with connections. You can create a narrative out of it, or simply a map of relations, and see what new knowledge it has generated for you.
The body as memorial and semiotic filter.

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