practice tools

tool // cultural memory express

1. Gather at least 5 people, and form a line, ‘Indian file’ style. Each person should only look at the person in front of them.

2. Ask the first person in front of the line create a very simple series of movements, one that is easy to remember, and needs only a few seconds to execute.

3. Then he / she executes the movement in front of the second person. He does it once, so that the other person observes how it is done. The movement is repeated, this time by both of them.

4. Then the second person passes the newly learned movement to the person behind, who in turn, passes the movement to the next person. This cycle is repeated until the movement is passed on to the last person on the line.

5. After the last person receives the movement, everybody executes the movements they learned at the same time.

6. Later, as a means of variation, try other ‘codes of movement’, for example an easy dance step, a basic routine from everyday life, or a movement that involves emotive gestures (winking of the eye, smiling, frowning etc.). Try changing the sequence of persons in the line.

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