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life art

what in former times we called a work of art is here a living work…they invite you, through their action, to know yourself better…its not about exhibition, its about communication, a colelctive gesture that doesnt have any reason for being except for participation, the continuity of living…

jean jacques leveque / occupation of places 1968
text from poster for ‘Occupation des lieux’. American Center for Students and Artists, Paris, Dec. 1868.

the artist is a modell of the anthropologist engaged…an artist-as-anthropologist’s theory as praxis…it ‘depicts’ while it alters society. And its growth as a cultural reality is necessitated by a dialectical relationship with the activity’s historicity (cultural memory) and the social fabric of present-day reality.

pervasiveness of artistic-like activity
as opposed to disengaged nature of anthropology

joseph kosuth / the artist as anthropologist / 1975


if everyday practices, “ways of operating” or doing things, no longer appear as merely the obscure background of social activity, and if a body of theoretical ques­tions, methods, categories, and perspectives, by penetrating this obscur­ity, make it possible to articulate them.

a relation (always social) determines its terms, and not the reverse, and that each individual is a locus in which an incoherent (and often contradictory) plurality of such relational determinations interact.

<Consumption as a way of deciphering production.>

– Michel de Certeau, The Practice of Everyday Life

We know poorly of the types of operations at stake in ordinary practices, their registers and their combinations, because our instruments of analysis, modelling and formalisation were constructed for other objects and with other aims.

(de Certeau et al 1998: 256) Living and Cooking

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