pts // we are what we eat and shit. the chaos stage

You art what thou eat.
I will cook for you.



Eating History

Cooking Memory.

Historicizing Cooking

Memorializing Eating



Antoni Miralda, Patriotic Banquet
Gordon Matta-Clark, house dinners, sea-bass inside an aspic
Rirkrit Tiravanija, curry at the MOMA
Jeniffer Rubell
Vik Muniz
Lina Issa, Cooking in houses
Eloise Fornieles, Oyster bar
Annaliza Tabinas, Pitso, sinigang
Paciencia Patricio, spaghetti, menudo

My history of adobo
Vevey, Switzerland
Vendee, France
Paris, France
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Leamingston Spa, England
Madrid, Spain

Herramientas de Investigacion




etymology // deterritorialization of concept words

fuel; to tend, keep, pasture, to protect, to guard
fixed time, a measure
chance, luck, to have the (good or bad) fortune
carrying out of a promise
sameness, oneness, over and over
fame, renown, reputation; intention, madness, one who divines
relation of incidents” (true or false),wise man, judge
narrative of fictitious events meant to entertain
dissimulation, a fashioning or feigning,to shape, form,
to knead, form out of clay
a bringing back, restoring
make known, announce, impress; inmost

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