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spice route // reading list

Bauman, Zygmunt. Living on Borrowed Time: Conversations with Citlali Rovirosa-Madrazo. Comp. Citlali Rovirosa-Madrazo. Cambridge: Polity, 2010. Print.

Bishop, Claire. Participation. London: Whitechapel, 2006. Print.
Bourriaud, Nicolas. Relational Aesthetics. [Dijon]: Leses Du Réel, 2002. Print.
Braidotti, Rosi. Transpositions: On Nomadic Ethics. Cambridge, UK: Polity, 2006. Print.
Buchloh, B. H. D., Judith F. Rodenbeck, and Robert E. Haywood. Experiments in the Everyday: Allan Kaprow and Robert Watts, Events, Objects, Documents. New York: Columbia University, Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Art Gallery, 1999. Print.
Certeau, Michel De., Luce Giard, and Pierre Mayol. The Practice of Everyday Life. Vol. 2: Living and Cooking. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota, 1998. Print.
Certeau, Michel De. The Practice of Everyday Life. Berkeley, Calif. [u.a.: Univ. of California, 2008. Print.
Deleuze, Gilles, and Félix Guattari. A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota, 1987. Print.
Doherty, Claire. Situation. London: Whitechapel Gallery, 2009. Print.
Gómez-Peña, Guillermo, and Roberto Sifuentes. Exercises for Rebel Artists: Radical Performance Pedagogy. London: Routledge, 2011. Print.
Gómez-Peña, Guillermo. Conversations across Borders: A Performance Artist Converses with Theorists, Curators, Activists and Fellow Artists. Ed. Laura Levin. London: Seagull, 2011. Print.
Hoffmann, Jens, and Joan Jonas. Perform. London: Thames & Hudson, 2005. Print.
Iversen, Margaret. Chance. London: Whitechapel Gallery, 2010. Print.
Jackson, Shannon. Social Works: Performing Art, Supporting Publics. New York: Routledge, 2011. Print.
Johnstone, Stephen. The Everyday. London: Whitechapel, 2008. Print.
Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, Barbara. Destination Culture: Tourism, Museums, and Heritage. Berkeley: University of California, 1998. Print.
Kwon, Miwon. One Place after Another: Site-specific Art and Locational Identity. Cambridge, Mass. [u.a.: MIT, 2004. Print.
Riley, Shannon Rose., and Lynette Hunter, eds. Mapping Landscapes for Performance as Research: Scholarly Acts and Creative Cartographies. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009. Print.
Roberts, Les. Mapping Cultures: Place, Practice, Performance. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012. Print.
Rosler, Martha, and M. Catherine De. Zegher. Martha Rosler: Positions in the Life World. Birmingham, England: Ikon Gallery, 1998. Print.
Shaughnessy, Nicola. Applying Performance: Live Art, Socially Enganged Theatre and Affective Practice. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillian, 2012. Print.

Stella Dimitrakopoulou

Rirkrit Tijavanija

Antoni Miralda

Eloise Fornieles

Lina Issa

Gordon Matta Clark

Hans Haacke

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