migrant by number

performance  | 20 minutes
simultaneous actions from different locations
in the spirit of complicity with Rebecca Weeks, Ian Whitford, Poppy Jackson, Sohrab Kashani

Amsterdam. University of Amsterdam Theatre
December 2011.

an action declaring myself as a migrant by looking at my life as a series of numbers, numbers that signify constant movement and transformation. A suitcase is opened and I am there, I stuffed myself there the same way one stuffs a small suitcase for a Ryanair flight. I stay there a few moments longer before I decide to come out and perform my numbers.
As of this day, I migrant no. 5-28-4-7-8.1-X-5-19. I am subject to change without prior notice.
5 // shoe soles // languages i have learned to speak
28 // winter coat // houses where i have lived
4 // jersey // countries where i took up residence
7 // shirt // cities i have called home
8.1 // skin of my back // times i have crossed a border needing a visa, once refused
X // several hands touching my skin // nationalities of people i have for friends (lost count)
5 // armpits // lovers who shared my life and my bed
19 // the back of my thighs // my age when i announced to my mom i was gay, and everything else followed…
then one by one, all those present with me thought of their own numbers, and vocally declared themselves migrants too.