liminal bodies # 1

series of performances, derive and site interventions

]performance s p a c e [ london
isle of dogs and blackheath, london

liminal bodies collective’s first encounter // intensive professional development project for body-based performance practitioners organized by the UK Live Art Development Agency. This led to the creation of new performances / works in progress, and the formation of a new network of performance artists that deal with liminality, transience and nomadism // project organized by Poppy Jackson with Bean, director of performance space // participating artists: Joseph Patricio / Rebecca Weeks / Nusa Pavko / Lynn Lu / Holly Keasey / Beth Savage / Arriana Ferrari / Anna-Marya Tompa / Jeffrey Andioni

]performance s p a c e [

(performance, video, sound: 20 mins)

August 22, 2011

Inspired by the idea of rites of passage, Turner’s liminality, of red, white and black fluids and flows, of ritual and ritualizing, subjecting body through a ritual, of molting, like a snake changing its skin in within a cycle of time, of names and identity, and getting new names and identities, arrival and departure…


in blackheath…

Staying in a hotel for one night, it reminded me of other similar liminal spaces, the airports, the borders that give you a feeling of having already arrived, but not quite yet…a state of suspension, like lingering in a corridor on the way to a definite door. Why not settle there, and be settled while being suspended? So, out of the hotel room’s fresh blankets, I made myself a hammock…

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in the isle of dogs…

collaboration with Rebecca Weeks and Nusa Pavko
and articles from our overnight bags

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