site specific performance

Meter Room Gallery, Coventry
June 10, 2011

collaboration with Caroline Rodrigues and Maria Neicu
‘Wreck’ exhibition curated by Dan Pryde Jarman

a response to an installation “Diving Into the Wreck” by Coventry artist Paige Perkins. Bodies in dialogue with a ‘life-less’ wreck, the body as a wreck, the wreck as a body, and these intrtwinings that draw images of power, destruction, intimacy.

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Dealing with site specificity, I was challenged to do a performance inspired by the installation works of Paige Perkins. Together with MAIPR colleagues Maria Neicu and Caroline Rodrigues, we conceptualized and collaborated on what performative response could somehow add dimension to the already  remarkable exhibition, entitled “Diving into the Wreck”. It was composed of found objects and trash / wreckage that were recreated into metaphors of power, creation, destruction and ephemerality (tornado); life (nest); multiplicity (visual echo / mirrors); and intimacy (a small cave). We explored these creations over an extended period of time and realized that these metaphors could also be mediated / performed by the body. The performance, thus, created a synchronic dialogue with the installation, with movements and theatrical devises that meant to heighten the effects of power, creation, destruction, ephemerality, intimacy etc; and by creating alternatives of these images through my body, my interaction to the surroundings and the interaction with another body (Caroline Rodrigues).

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